Why Here?

Lower costs

As a smaller city, Greater Victoria is affordable. Real estate prices are 42.6% lower than Vancouver’s, which means lower input costs, and the ability to attract high-calibre young talent.

Research and talent

Three world class post-secondary institutions and leading research organizations (including the $600 million Ocean Networks Canada) provide a bounty of talent and commercialization opportunity.

Globally connected

With quick hops to downtown Seattle by floatplane, and daily direct flights to Silicon Valley, our business leaders are plugged into one of the world’s most innovative mega-regions. What’s more, BC is Canada’s Gateway to Asia.

Vancouver’s resources, 30 minutes away

Everything the big city can offer is a stone’s throw away. There are 32 scheduled daily downtown-to-downtown floatplane and helicopter flights, and a further 34 scheduled daily airport-to-airport flights between here and Vancouver. 

Regional connectedness

71.7% of us have less than a 30-minute commute (vs. 52.6% in Vancouver), contributing to a happier, more engaged workforce. And with a population just under 400,000, it’s easy to connect with the right people. You’ll be surprised who you run into at your local coffee shop.

We’re open for business

BC has one of the G7’s lowest federal / provincial blended corporate tax rates (26%). Our province also offers a 10% tax credit on qualified R&D – in addition to a 20% federal credit. Plus, employees in BC can invest in their employer’s business and claim a tax credit equal to 20% of their investment – up to $2,000 per year.